Are you tired of trying to figure out what your dog or cat wants from you? If so, look no further! Our blog will help sort through the confusing canine and cat behavior you may be seeing at home or around new people. Our pets are a member of our families; which is why we want them to be the happiest that they can and to enjoy a nice, stress free long life.

Some people even go as far as hiring pet shrinks, pet psychics, or psychologist, but don’t worry you aren’t required to do that here. We like to focus on their nutritional needs, social needs, and exercise requirements – cat and dogs alike.

We love helping pets AND their family. That is why we are continuously adding amazing new articles, advice, tips, tricks, and help to our page. We want your pets to live the best lives that they possibly can – and that means it can only happen if you know what to do and how to do it. Our blogs feature articles about raising the perfect puppy, what food or treats to give your pet, the importance of exercising, why is nutrition so important in our animals, and so much more! Stayed tuned for what we have in store for you! And if your are in the Chicago area, you can contact our friends at Midway Dog Academy for dog training help.