Exercising Your Dog

If you’re a dog owner, one of the most important needs that you can fulfill for your dog would be exercise. This is more important than affection; which many people give before discipline or exercise. Despite age, breed, size or level of physical fitness, all pet dogs require their workout. It is your duty as a canine owner to offer it.

1. Just How Much Exercise Is The Right Amount?
How much exercise you provide your pet dog depends upon a variety of aspects. As a guideline, working and herding breeds do need the most exercise and smaller sized types like toy types would be the least; which does not imply none due to the fact that they absolutely still require it. Even young pups even a well balanced quantity of workout. When canines begin to age or are physically not able to workout – is the only time to downsize. Naturally, there are exceptions to these standards. Always research your breed of dog first to figure out a good starting point and how much will be adequate for your pet.

2. Adding Exercise
If you have just added in exercise to your pet’s life then make sure to not over do it – that can be dangerous or worse, deadly. Start with a much shorter walk and scale up, increasing by about 10 minutes a day. Canines suffer exertion-related injuries simply as quickly as people.

Not all types are developed equivalent. While a Malamute or Dalmatian might run throughout the day, a walk around the block might be enough for an English Bulldog or other short nosed breeds. Do not over-exert your canine. Learn about your type and change your workout regular appropriately.

4. Teach Your Dog New Tricks and Games
Teaching your dog new tricks is a great way to mentally stimulate your dog. Not only is it fun for them, but it is fun for the owner as well. Also, playing games is another great way to stimulate your dog. For instance, retrievers will chase after and retrieve a ball all day, while hounds like the difficulty of discovering, and sled breed type of dogs love to pull. Other fun, enjoyable games to play with your dog would be hide-and-seek or tug-a-war.

5. Enjoying Outside
If you’re a jogger or an outside individual, why not include your pet in these activities. They are an excellent method to reinforce your bond with your dog. Understand though that this is not ideal for all canines. Searching, tracking and rounding up types will like it, while for buddy types its simply all excessive effort.

Having a dog should be fun and enjoyable; which is why including your pet into your normal everyday life is so important!

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